julio 16, 2019

Students Pablo

Students under my supervision

PHD students

  1. Carlos Andres Perez-Ramirez – Thesis: Monitoring and Semi-Active vibration control of civil strcutures using FPGAs.
  2. Alejandro Moreno-Gomez – Thesis: Detection, Location and Quatification of damages in civil structures in real-time.

MS students

  1. Sergio Martinez-de-Jesus -Thesis: MUSIC-EWT-based methodology for modal parameters  estimation of a 4-storey steel frame               structure (In progress).​
  2. Francisco Perez-Macias–  Thesis: Chaos teory-based methodology for detecting damages in truss structures (In progress)
  3. Diego Pacheco-Ortega – Thesis: Fractal dimension-based methodology for detecting and locating multiple damages in a 4-storey steel frame structure (In progress).

BS students

  1. Jose Navarrete-Ruiz – Thesis: Design, instrumentation, and monitoring of truss structures to identify its dynamic (In progress).
  2. Humberto Cruz-Ramirez – Thesis: CEEMD-based methodology for motor imagery classification (In progress)
  3. Antonio Bazaldua-Camacho – Thesis: Fractal dimension-based methodology for sudden cardiac death prediction (In progress)
  4. Linda Karen Bárcenas–Uresti – Thesis: EMD-based methodology for MCI classification using MEG signals (In progress)