julio 16, 2019

Teaching Pablo

Duties of Professor

  1. Motivate. The professor has to generate the interest of students for the subject and investigate it. This can be done by means of brainstorming, scientific readings, multimedia, etc.


  1. Verify. The professor has to verify that explanation provided in the classroom has been understood. This can be done by means of asking the student about the subject.


  1. Practices. The professor has to corroborate the theoretical part with an experimental part in order to corroborate both parts, generating the reflection of students. This can be done by means of practice in laboratories.


  • Subjects
  1. Electric machines 1

Temary :              Electrical_Machines_1

School Supplies: 1. Partes de un motor

3. Conmutación

2. Tipos de devanado


        2.-Electric machines 2

Temary :              Electrical_Machines_2

School Supplies: 1.Transformadores_1

  1. Biosignals processing
  2. Structural Dynamic